Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Three Things

Three things I have discovered this year which have been life-changing: 1) the soaker hose, 2) eyebrow dye and 3) the Mars Coat King.

The Soaker Hose
I no longer have to spend hours hand watering my garden. I just hook up the hose and walk away.

Eyebrow Dye
I no long have to spend minutes dinking with my eyebrows. I just dye them and it lasts for six weeks.

The Mars Coat King
I no longer have to get Max groomed every few months. I brush him with this magical comb that pulls out all the loose hair. I trim his bangs and beard and he's good to go. Such a handsome guy. I could knit a sweater out of all the hair I pull off. Well, first I'd have to spin it into yarn. Then learn to knit.

I never promised this would be earth-shattering, soul-jarring news. Just three things.