Saturday, April 11, 2015

The name of this horse is Junior. His owner told me he has a big fancy name but she just calls him Junior. He is boarded on the farm that is about a quarter mile from our house. He appears on this blog because I was watching him a few weeks ago and I experienced pure Joy.

Junior loves to play with that red ball. He chases it around the field and then picks it up in his mouth and shakes it--just like a dog would. Sometimes he drops it and then dances around it as if expecting it to make a sudden move.

I was rooted to the spot just watching him with the biggest horse-poop-eating grin on my face. For a brief moment he looked up at me then he gave a sort of cocky horse grin and kicked the ball down the field and charged after it.

David Beckham beware. You got nothin' on Junior.

Junior is nineteen years old. I don't know how old that is in human years, but I want to be like Junior always: having moments of pure Joy and sharing them with everyone.