Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Making It

A couple weeks ago a guy comes to my door and says, "Hi, my name is Gabriel."

"Oh, sure," I think to myself. "Next you'll have some Important Message for me."

But that really was his name and it turned out that he was here to take away our woodpile which we had been trying to give away for months. So he was angel!

He took away all the wood, but accidentally left the rails to his truck in our driveway. I called him to let him know. I got his answering machine which said, "Hi, this is Gabriel. Leave me a message and make it a nice day!"

Make it a nice day. Not have a nice day. Take some responsibility for how you receive what life gives you! Make it, don't just take it. I love that.

So he really was an Angel with an Important Message for me.

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Loved this. I've been running into a lot of angel stories today.

Did you see this one--

Happy Christmas to you and Wes & make it a Happy New Year! ;-)