Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The video in my last post just received an Award of Merit from the City of Hope ACE Project. I'm thrilled! It's up on YouTube so everyone can access it.

I wish Denise Echelard was still here so that I could see her face as she watched the final edit. I do think that somewhere, somehow she knows what is happening and is getting a big kick out of it.

Denise died a year ago this month. But here is what you should know: she quit her cancer treatment in January of 2009 and her doc told her she would be dead by March 2009. She received palliative care (no treatment) and had a pretty damn good life until around late September 2009.

That is the power of palliative care--and Denise. She was a force to be reckoned with: strong and funny and open and intense.

Denise, where ever you are: thank you so much.

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Tara said...

"strong and funny and open and intense" ...sounds like you and Denise had a lot in common. Congrats on all your success, Debra! I just started a blog myself, I need to add yours to my blogroll so I can keep up on your adventures :)