Monday, November 14, 2011

Leave On Your Inner Light

Old protective husk

encounters perfect conflict,

reveals inner light.

Lunaria. My friend Annie and I see these plants on our morning walk. The first time I spotted one I said, "Money plant! This is how you make money!" and then I showed her how to rub the dried pods so that the husk comes off to reveal these opalescent leaves. 

She turned 50 last week so for her birthday I wrote the above haiku and gave her a framed photo I took of a money plant--except that now I like to think of it as the "Inner Light" plant. 

Sometimes it takes just the perfect amount of conflict, tension or friction for us to lose our old skins, our old way of being. We all shy away from this. "I don't like conflict!" And yet when we meet it and allow it to show us a new way, our inner light is revealed. 

Most of us are conflict averse but how can there be any life without conflict? What happens when the shovel hits the soil? That's conflict! Without that conflict the soil will remain hard, unforgiving and nothing in it will grow. Except maybe weeds.

The next time Truth sticks in my throat because I'm too afraid of conflict to say it, I hope I remember the Lunaria. If all I get is a headache maybe the conflict will help reveal the other person's inner light!

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crowther said...

Beautiful post. It's highly relevant to some current challenges in my own life. Not sure if the amount of conflict I'm encountering is "perfect," but it has indeed been good for stripping away some no-longer-useful layers.